The job of a voice-over artist is to make the voices jump off the page. This course introduces you to various voice-over scripts which present different demands.  It is important that you identify the various voice-over scripts in order to approach them in a creative and intelligent manner, which satisfies the needs of the client.  

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Finding your voice and style
  • Finding the balance between natural speech and enunciation so that you can be larger than life
  • An understanding of what is required to be a professional voice over artist
  • Knowing your material: textual analysis 
  • Posture techniques when delivering voice overs which allows you to be more animated
  • Voice health: your voice is your instrument
  • Writing and Simplifying a script makes it clearer and easier to understand too 
  • Eliminating hesitation in the form of umm, ahh and uhh
  • Using modulation in Radio and TV Commercials regarding soft, medium and hard sell 
  • Commercials: hard sell, soft sell, deep sell
  • Commentaries: financial, investigative, wildlife, educational, medical, travel, sport, the arts, technical, modern documentary (computer games)
  • Other: on hold messages, website video’s, podcast intros and outros, sponsorship messages and DJ drops, audio books
  • Breathing: practice taking silent breaths, working the microphone to hide the breaths and pacing sentence delivery to conceal them


“If you’re considering a voice over course, I can highly recommend Biebie Productions. Barbara Barbieri works from home, and is absolutely passionate about her profession, and the skills she provides her students. During the course, you will run through a vast amount of vocabulary and sounds, so make sure you are not too tired before a lesson. The lessons are very enjoyable, IF you stay focused, and stay committed, by doing your homework, and practice every day. Then I can guarantee that you will have a great experience. Barbara will accommodate lessons to fit your schedule, and patiently guide you through the well-designed course, covering everything you need to succeed as a voice over artist.” 

Tania Van Schalkwyk

“I had the pleasure of doing the 13 week voice-over training course. 
I found Barbara’s course material very extensive with a strong emphasis on elocution and voice production. 
Barbara has included much on-line material and daily routines for practice and her approach is very thorough. 
I highly recommend this course for students wanting a future career in voice-over.”

Nicholas Carter