I devised this course, so as to; provide voice and communication training for male-to-female (MtF) clients and for female-to-male (FtM) clients. In general, men and women communicate differently. Individuals who are transgender/transsexual often elect to have voice and communication therapy to help them use their voice in a safe way and communicate more like the opposite gender of that in which they were born. Your voice is a muscle that can be controlled: In a female’s voice the voice boxes vocal flaps are thinner and tighter, hence, the voice resonates at a higher pitch naturally. In the male voice box the vocal flaps are longer and thicker and resonate at a deeper pitch in the male voice range. With the course I have devised I can teach you how to lift the voice box at your control up to that higher position temporarily, so that, the vocal flaps thin out and tighten temporarily to resonate at a higher pitch naturally when you speak. This will then be your female voice range. 

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • A chance to practice vocal skills in a conversational context
  • Career advancement
  • Increased confidence and self-advocacy in a safe, inviting environment
  • Develop your sense of self
  • Understanding pitch
  • Interactive use of phrasing and modulation
  • An important interaction between skill-building and relationship-building in the therapeutic process
  • Establishing emotional expression and intensity levels when communicating
  • Vocabulary and grammar differences
  • Understanding Makeup artistry
  • Basic Image Consulting
  • Vocal hygiene and safety
  • Enunciation


I did the transgender voice development course at Biebie Productions in 2017/2018. As this service is not widely available, I was pleased to find somebody that offered it. Barbara was warm and welcoming and as nervous as I was initially, I quickly felt comfortable and looked forward to our weekly lessons. Yes, it was hard work and yes it required daily voice exercises on my part, but I started to see the results and am overall pleased with the outcome. It does require practice, practice, practice, but Barbara not only works on development of the voice, but also provides a post-course maintenance program, which if you stick to it, will provide the desired outcome. Biebie Productions gives you all the tools. The rest is up to you. Thank you Barbara!

Melanie Bothma

“Prior to going in to see Barbara I lacked confidence in myself and my voice and how I was projecting it. My voice was still in the androgynous range and I needed to get it down to the male range which I achieved in 10 lessons with Barbara.

The first thing she did was get to know me as a person and what my objectives were. We then worked out a training plan on getting me where I needed to be which was the male range. 

She taught me how to breathe correctly, sit correctly (in order to project my voice). I started seeing and hearing a difference within a matter of a few lessons and my pitch dropped to where I wanted it. 

Not only did she assist with my voice but she also provided me with a lot of emotional support that assisted in boosting my confidence levels. 

More than anything I love the fact that Barbara is lgbtq+ friendly and has specific voice training for transgender individuals like myself. This has really helped me along in my transition and I am a happy man. 

I would definitely recommend Barbara’s voice training lessons to everyone including people who are in the same position I was in.

I’m a happy customer ?”

Karabo Kent Khumalo