This workshop will help you learn the various skills and techniques when answering the phone, listening to clients, users, supporters and colleagues. It will help you understand their needs so that you can provide what they want, when they want it.

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Understanding your role as representative of your company
  • Responding to callers with the appropriate greeting and correct phone voice
  • Handling incoming and outgoing calls – structuring Calls, Phone Messaging, Voicemail Messages and Call-to-Actions
  • Telephone jargon and alternative dialogue
  • Dealing with complaints and angry customers
  • Barriers and bridges to communication


“It has shed light on how to deal with problem callers (appropriate phrasing to use), and how to sound more confident (having the right attitude). I now also have clarity about the do’s and don’ts when dealing with incorrect and correct phrases. This is a great refresher workshop to tie up any loose ends when speaking on the phone. You are the first link (voice) to the company, this workshop teaches you how to achieve this successfully! Highly recommended.”

Rehana – 10X Investments

“I am very grateful for Biebie Productions. We employed two full time secretaries and every week we would receive complaints regarding their telephone manner, including that they can’t be heard/understood because they speak too fast, mumble etc. As soon as Barbara was called in we noticed a huge difference. Her course is good value for money. She’s always willing to go the extra mile for her students. Highly recommended.”

Chandre – Pharma Dynamics