Many artists/students find it difficult to produce a natural sounding American accent that is not “over the top”. Any accent is a combination of three main components: intonation (speech music), liaisons (word connections) and pronunciation (the spoken sounds of consonants, vowels and combinations). I have made a study of the American Accent in order to give you a complete Standard pronunciation and phonological understanding of the accent.  In this course I focus on establishing a neutral American sounding voice similar to New York American speech. I have trained many actors seeking to broaden their Accent Skills so as to work abroad. 

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Vowel sounds
  • Articulation of vowel sounds
  • Vowel pronunciation
  • Breaking down vowel sounds
  • Consonant pronunciation
  • Textual analysis
  • Speaking the American accent for radio/television/film/theatre
  • Applying all learnt skills practically


“My name is Paul Hampshire I have worked in the film industry for over 7 years now. I moved from the UK to Cape Town in 2007 to pursue my career in stunts. During my first year in Cape Town I was taken on by APM and as stunt performing and acting are closely related, I sensed a need to enhance my acting skills and American Accent. A friend of mine recommended to me that I contact Barbara a.k.a Biebie productions. I started with the Beginners Course and managed to learn so much, such as breaking a script down, delivery to camera etc. After completing this course I moved onto the Advanced Acting Course and complete the modules as and when I am free. I then also completed Barbara’s American Accent Training Course which I recommend to all and it helped me so much with my career. 

I highly recommend Barbara, she has a great teaching method and helps you break those barriers and push yourself to the limits. As a result of this I have had many acting roles since and managed to book commercials as a result of these courses. 

Do not think about it, book a course with her NOW!!!”

Paul Hampshire

“I have just completed my BA in Acting at NYU in New York, USA. I had a friend who also studied with me and he always said if you want to learn the South African accent you have to come and stay here and mingle with the locals. So after I graduated I decided to follow his advice. I am originally from Texas so it is pretty difficult to speak in an south African accent. Barbara was so patient with me and went through everything slowly so that I thoroughly understand the sound differences of USA and SA. She really knows her craft inside out and brings forth an enjoyment to every lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed her course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the SA accent to further your acting career.”

Benjamin Mercer