In this course I will be looking at the way you speak, and develop a personalised program which will help develop your voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments.

I use basic drama exercises as a foundation to help you understand all the elements of correct speech. The exercises will help you achieve great results and because it uses muscle memory you will be able to retain your results in the long run.

We aim to improve and make you aware of your spoken accuracy, so that YOU can SOUND clear, confident, engaging, dynamic, expressive and persuasive.

When your voice achieves these qualities, not only is the effect empowering; because, you now experience greater success and confidence in meetings, presentations, public speaking engagements, training, interviews and sales pitches. 

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Posture, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Accent neutralisation (I cover all South African and British accents)
  • A reduction of any specific voice features including a regional or national accent
  • Weak muscle correction (lisping, mumbling etc.)
  • Emphasis on resonance, pitch and tone
  • The elimination of any/all speech faults
  • Communication skills in a private, public, corporate and personal setting
  • Presentation skills: Taking the knowledge gained in this course and using it in your everyday speaking life
  • Developing your own unique vocal capacity
  • Modulation
  • Projection
  • English pronunciation coaching: Diction, clarity, articulation and enunciation
  • Building confidence in your vocal communications at work


“The best teacher who is really patient with her students. English is not my first language as Xhosa is, and Barbara took her time to teach me the correct way of speaking the consonant and vowel sounds. I really enjoyed my classes and learned a lot which I didn’t know. My confidence has been boosted completely, even the big boss was excited about how clearer my speech was sounding and the fact that he didn’t have to ask me to repeat myself like in the past. I even received a promotion.  Thank you”

B. Bayanda Senene – Pixel Faerie

“I enrolled for Elocution/Accent Reduction course with Biebie production. I can confidently tell you that my pronunciation has tremendously improved.
Barbara displays all the qualities that make an ideal teacher. She is super intelligent, reliable and goes the extra mile to impact knowledge to students.
I strongly recommend her?”

Ibukun Odofin

“What an amazing journey it has been. The Elocution course was fantastic!
A very well structured and informative course. I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one interaction and that you can fit the classes into your schedule.
I have become more confident in my working environment after attending the Elocution course and my speech has improved dramatically.
Barbara is a wonderful teacher, extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable.Thank you Barbara for sharing your expertise and for your guidance. You’re not only a teacher but a life coach indeed.
Keep up the absolutely impeccable work! ?”

Lana Claire Philander