This course helps young adolescents to develop their voice whilst eliminating any speech impediments. The course is based on drama exercises, because I dealt with a lot of students who don’t understand what is expected of them when correcting their voice. By using drama exercises it helps them to understand the elements of correct speech. The exercises in the course combines an arrangement of concepts, which will help them, achieve great results.

Key elements covered in the course:

  • Correct posture, relaxation and breathing
  • Accent neutralisation (Due to inter-racial classes, students adopt one another’s accents)
  • Accents – resonance, pitch and tone
  • Eliminating any/all speech faults
  • Communication skills: orals/debates/presentations at school
  • Maximizing your vocal capacity giving you versatility and dynamics when speaking
  • You will have better diction and clarity – articulation and enunciation
  • You will learn how to gain confidence in speech
  • Stuttering – interferes with fluent speech
  • Cluttering – makes speech difficult to understand
  • Articulation Disorders – lisping, cleft palate
  • Speech Sound Disorder – Omissions, Substitutions, Distortions


“My daughter was having trouble communicating at school. She would speak extremely fast; sometimes I even struggled to understand her. Barbara took the time to slow down her manner of speaking by showing her how to use each organ of articulation to speak correctly. After 3 lessons with Barbara I could already start to see a difference. Her articulation was clearer, her pronunciation more rounded, she was speaking slower and even the teacher commented on her improved speech. Barbara knows exactly how to get your child to reach its full potential. I would highly recommend her.”


“My son Tristan started school this year and after the 2nd term started having speech pronunciation problems due to all the ethnicities in his class. Barbara taught him the right way of speaking and even being surrounded by his class mates his speech didn’t falter. Barbara also gives each lesson in audio form so that Tristan could practice daily. The greatly benefited Tristan and even I learned a lot. Highly recommend this course.”


“My entire family (daughter, sister, and husband) worked with Barbara and she is simply an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. You see results even from the first class. I highly recommend Biebie Productions.”

Vanessa Funmilola Odofin