Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak; and to speak well are two things. There is all the difference when having something to say and HOW to say something the right way.”

The various courses devised (below) help you focus on: becoming a confident communicator; developing your vocal quality (Elocution); correcting speech impediments; (diction, stuttering, mumbling, cleft palates, nasality, tone faults etc.); and reducing your accent

Learn an Accent or you can delve deeper into being a Radio Presenter; a Voice-Over artist; and/or Public Speaker; all the while still understanding HOW to communicate on all levels (corporate, radio, film, TV, theatre and every day). 

Why not learn the ancient art form of Singing? The Transgender Voice Development, is a unique service in South Africa where I can train transgender’s who are in the transitioning phase (male – female).

Elocution and Accent Reduction

Elocution And Accent Reduction For Children Aged 5 – 7 And 8 – 18

Voice Over Skills Training

Radio Presenting Skills Training

Public Speaking Skills Training

Mastering The American Accent 

Transgender Voice Development(One on one session where I mould your voice to establish a more feminine quality, by covering all areas of the voice.)

Telephone Etiquette Skills

Singing Classes

Please contact for Pricing and Duration.