Do you have high hopes for your pageant interview, but you’re not sure what questions to practice and you’re feeling as if you haven’t got “the right” answers?
Are you a pageant contestant who’s struggling when practicing for your pageant interview?
Or, are you a pageant parent trying to help your daughter prepare for her next pageant interview so that she will approach her interview relaxed, confident and 100% sure of your ability to answer any question?

The #1 fear of pageant contestants is being asked a question they’re not prepared to answer!

I have seen this on many occasions throughout my years in this industry, contestants stumble, go blank… etc. Hence I have decided to compile a list of questions which will help you to be more prepared for your pageant, feel more confident in the interview room, be able to express your message more articulately and clearly, and ultimately really WOW the judges on-stage with your interview abilities!


  • The Most Common Pageant Interview Mistakes
  • The Things You MUST accomplish during your personal interview
  • How to Create a Contestant Bio that establishes you as unique and memorable even before you walk in the room
  • How to market yourself with confidence that doesn’t come across as “cocky” or “over-the-top” in the interview room or on-stage
  • The Correct Length for Your Personal and On-stage Interview Answers
  • How to Use What You Learned in English Class to Format Your Answer
  • Techniques to Stretch any Answer so you don’t “choke”
  • How to Close an Answer with Confidence when You’re Struggling
  • The #1 Success Tip for On-stage Interview


“I have met Barbara in 2014 as my elocution coach, she was such a phenomenal coach. She later helped me with preparations for pageants and was Amazing with that too. 5 years later we are still friends and in touch although we are many miles away. Barbara is very thorough in her work and make the teaching environment very pleasant and comfortable. She goes over and above what is expected from her as a teacher/coach and always have the best advise to give. I highly recommend her services. She is without a doubt my earth angel”

Estrolita Petersen
Mrs Namibia Globe 2018
Mrs Universal 2016/17
Winelands Winter Queen 2013/14

“Biebie Barbieri when I saw this as your whatsapp status I just had to share it and say thank you for being part of my journey, believing in me and for being my life coach. Blessed beyond words…
If you simply want to achieve your personal goals in life, be sure to have a look at her personal development course! Barbara has helped me to get my message across and I have won these titles:

Mrs Africa United Continent 2020 finalist
Mrs Mzantzi Africa 2017
Mrs Cape Town 2014
Elite Face of Role models 2nd”

Diane Nel