This workshop will help you learn the various skills and techniques when answering the phone, listening to clients, users, supporters and colleagues. It will help you understand their needs so that you can provide what they want, when they want it.

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Understanding your role as representative of your company.
  • Responding to callers with the appropriate greeting and correct phone voice.
  • Handling incoming and outgoing calls – structuring Calls, Phone Messaging, Voicemail Messages and Call-to-Actions.
  • Telephone jargon and alternative dialogue.
  • Dealing with complaints and angry customers.
  • Barriers and bridges to communication.


“I was so scared and had a fear when answering the phone. Barbara worked on my speech muscles so that they can become stronger and neutralize my accent. After the second lesson when we focused more on practical application, I felt more assured. She worked on my answering skills and changing classic African modes of answering the phone to a more standard greeting for ex. Instead of saying “come again” “can you please repeat the question”. This course is the best!”

Zanele – 10X Investments

“At Sugar Direct we have a company image to uphold. When Happiness was not performing adequately on the phone (including her speech), being that she is also a Xhosa Speaker, we found Biebie Productions. Barbara suggested that she do the Elocution Course combined with Telephone Etiquette Skills. This was the best decision ever. Within 2 weeks we could hear a remarkable difference in Happiness’s speech patterns. Some suppliers, clients etc. also started commenting on how beautifully she answers the phone and deals with the call. I highly recommend Barbara, she is professional and efficient. “

Bridget – HR