Once you have completed the Intermediate Course in Film Acting, you can advance to this course. It expands on all the knowledge learnt in the previous course to a much more advanced level , and delves into specialised areas such as acting and film industry terminology. As an actor your job is to lie, how good a liar are you really? You not only develop your talent, skill, creativity and emotional quality, but also yourself- as acting is about creating an extension of yourself which is true to everyday life. When completing this course it will be required of you to do a practical and written theory exam. You can also gain extra certification by doing an internationally accredited exam through Trinity Guildhall of London.

Key elements covered in this course: 

  • Learn Acting and Camera terminology
  • Refine your skills – theoretically and practical
  • Listening versus hearing and its effects
  • Gain insight into the various disciplines and career options in the entertainment arts
  • Emotion building using psychology of the mind
  • Micro expressionisms
  • Weekly performances of scripts on camera
  • Dry crying vs. real crying
  • Team work, touch, trust – feeding off each other and giving back
  • Professionalism in your career


“I was enthralled to be introduced to the successful, Barbara Barbieri on the showcase of her talent and her ambition to improve the world of Art,Film and Music with her knowledge . Teaching aspiring actors to act, broadening skills such as writing, acting for theatre and film, as well as, enriching their unique voices. Taking classes to strengthen my confidence, especially, vocal voice training was much needed and recommended. I have successfully completed my courses (Basic Film Acting and Elocution) and can thank Biebie Productions for their overwhelming support and ability to deliver competitive rates with sound experience. Classes are personal and always interactive. Biebie Productions serves individualists needs and promotes positive student projects and student interaction. To be a student of Biebie Productions has been an enriching experience and part of my expressive artistic journey. I urge anyone who is considering taking a course/s with Biebie productions to do so, because she will change your life!!!

Well done, Biebie Productions, Here’s to Future Success”

Riaan Raymond – Aspiring Actor and Writer